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Ernesty International was founded by Ernst Tiefenthaler in November 2007 when he recorded a couple of songs in the house where his grandparents had lived and where he had spent many summers as a child.
In 2009 the first album „Ernesty International was released on the small Styrian label pumpkin records, followed in 2010 by „It could be the Sun, Mr. President, and in 2011 by „Not a Ship an Aeroplane - the first album of the newly founded label EMG (Ernesty Music Group). In November 2012, exactly 5 years after the first click on the record button, EMG published „Ernesty IV.. Monkey Records released a Greatest Hits vinyl edition called „Ernesty International“ in 2015.

The new album „Whatever and Ever“ will be released in Sep 2015 on EMG.
Album presentation at rhiz Vienna on 19 Sep 2015.

For the live presentation of his songs Ernst Tiefenthaler assembled a band: Reinhard Gassner (key), Ines Perschy (dr), Elmar Schwarzlmüller (guit) and Martin Tiefenthaler (perc) - plus the Swiss singer and bass player Eloui (bass) who did harmony vocals on all five Ernesty CDs and is a co-founder of EMG.

Ernesty International is a non-governmental, non-profit organization whose aim is - by means of music - to fight global and individual indifference, self-delusion, manipulation, lifelessness, communication disability, misanthropy and solitude.

label: EMG - Ernesty Music Group
contact: office(°)

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